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  • Aftermarket Alarm Systems and your Transponder Keys.
    Oftentimes when an aftermarket alarm system is installed, especially with a Remote Start Feature, or a “Kill Switch” problems surface with the vehicles factory immobiliser system. Many alarm installers do extensive re-wiring of the immobiliser system leaving your car very vulnerable.   This can range from not being able to program a new key, or even worse, complete disarming of your vehicles transponder system. Thieves are well aware of how to manipulate a basic factory alarm system and how to listen in for the relays inside of the brain. However, without expensive special equipment available only to locksmiths it is impossible...
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  • Cheap Keys From The Big Box Stores
    There has been a recent trend of people coming into our shop with problems from transponder keys made from the common Big Box Stores. At first we chalked it up to a few mistakes, they kept coming in however… So we’re writing a blog post about it. The problem with these keys most of the time is that they are made from cheap “Clone Shells” that break and lose the chip, and are also often miscut from unqualified technicians causing ignition problems in the future. At Lakewood Lock, we ONLY use genuine OEM keys, or get our keys directly from the source that...
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